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lF+* 4. Complete the reaction scheme with unambigu-ous structural formulas for each of the missing organic compounds.(5 points ebch) '"' b) c) $0r d) source. (12 points) ,' ?Br, Cll=e$.ct!0ll ;ffi} CH30lJlc!"1*fir ,/ ,r/ .4 e< Cllro|tciir8l. -r Li Frc,n@ ryq ' Cur"I Z Ctirctl, oLlr Lr _*t*l c\LcH2 ca"gr
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Unformatted text preview: F.d." 6) + (c*sc|l,cHz)2c\l-Lr , Frorn @ a) $iqtt#: l-,,+itl6gi'J) tl6(oz ccu), f Uralru.r \-/\/ ' 4 Fk^B H,t p "zu ': 5. Show how one couldprepare hexane using CECIITCH2OII as the only garbon (r,A ncY;,rcsrL c" ui @ Floor^o el-\'uv-----) Cl.lscilscusalzcll>cl")3 l...
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