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Name 5 o,1t-.ii i.' '"fu i-=e ;O \ ..t A. r . .rt*-i:j-_./ ,r; .-: ..;r g li', ^r:- - .-:- 1) Provide unambiguous structural formulas for the compounds named below. (3 pts "uy' " .#\,Un b) Methylene chloride CI|r1t, c) Iodoform CHf 3 2. Provide complete names for the following. Include stereochemistry if appropriate. (5 points each) - r I cllLcqzct a)t{ Cu.C A ctlci-\c11, 5 -rl ? - J F il@' lr-A 5\z\_.-8. 03 I -FO -\-JA- *^ br r_/1/ +{} /- ch[aro - 4' -e*hJ t - tl - tadaf en}arui" tr)' | - Erorno - l,
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Unformatted text preview: { - dlr{l'rdY'o- I - bu*er\r-3. Consider tJte reaction: Product(s) a) Draw all reasonable resonance forms for the key intermediate and place the correct symbol between them. (6 points) +a".jre b) hovide un4mbiguous structural formulas fol any al(yl halide product(s).(6 points) 6r a) Vinyl bromide I Clt=r:1l,vi^'61 N dfu*bl . ctcl tl r }l- c*e*H It, I-c-H H H I-?-CII3 rno'4h41 C*. ^"rL$tat^;' CH orte,*h,.v--a' \( _1 b) C +s I ! N-Bromosuccinimide...
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