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IMG_0261 - -L Br JI I f\e vJ Lt f*n€ C I o6aCct\s...

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i.Jr?,e 9. The reoction below yields both substitution qnd eliminqtion products. Provide unombiquous structural formuros for the products qnd write detqiled mecho w each is formed. (20 points) yrfuAkW r/) '3o- S''r1' zr{o$ csr c\\=- &/Bn- t ck\3 S"a ; .: C*g tru
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Unformatted text preview: -L Br JI I f *\e vJ Lt f*n€ C\\ * I o6aCct\s C\\3:CGl*-c !\r \ \t/ *N'A'*1 cSs : e\\i:[email protected] cHs $. * - {lvtt-oo"c C$3- Cs Sto CH: i v : )c$a t\rc *- cl *o; + S\Cc\\3-,\-) (b { 5ol v o[1si6--***+ "{-Sltg'* f r.i li itj...
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