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IMG_0260 - Clearly show the stereochemistry of the product...

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7. Showhow one could prepore the compound below [email protected]!9b with fiva o, i.*., cqrbons oi the only corbon source. (12 points) c$l ir 1 c$s CS:-C- D\\ I z" ;k\3 \ H{bv' Ss ?H: CH: t4 I gtjsc uzSu'CgcHCri, ,: cHg L- cSzl \ C$,, \- Sv D\\rCS***c't1 T v f5'rs \ ' Gt\3 \ o\\clLC*zC$ cF\3 ..1 "lo. ' , / c$r zc- br \?I r. )s5 \eu,J cs \ L The reoction '\--l
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Unformatted text preview: Clearly show the stereochemistry of the product. Specify whether the rnechanism is 5r.r1, 5n2, El, or E2. (12 points) .4 CU3 Cl'12 o-l/ cL1.1.- c -r 17,,, Dn d l..^t,/'-\ Ct\5C\\tOf-__1-1 r nrrleria cqYb+tr t Ck\l a\ t-,. \ o \) t\ I nv?r6 t 6rl K-7 s oY S*K DMsO egery* Sro?...
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