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|-ll.d cEM 2210.003 Exam #2 October 9rZ0/08 Nane: ' 1. Provide rUPAC names for the following compounds (you must indicate stereochemistry by using Z, E, cis, trans if necessary). \soprapl (a) (b) 8-(il3'ilrnetrglbu"1rI) fSNT 3 ( +ertu4- A,i, c,- ocJa+riene (__,, +> $rtrRte F-V b')4q\ $ef \ouirl\ t$q$("ni*q l \$8b-trL,rr ,t *e\i'Odi1,t\ rul ( ro ps) gAR€,NT? ( \t.,4t)- \14- l--H ffii3'*. 3 st:BSllrt)fiNTs 3 3-mg+h*ri g-€sn,)t, 5-5€c.!0i$y' I co-merrmlt I Zt d- *4tl# El r lYrt r '^\' * ''/ ."19?.f.4]l?!$e,l'drrne*rn?ttla19\)- ;-l"ilHi ['ry fh"Y|.;:]"#d,-',n- \-^,rr,rr - 1*arral{r- Ar . -r-}t^-r^,-^,- \-4qpel$fie"\€$1e Ntvtt "" (4E, tu") - s-sec-brse1- 3-srRLtg,g{M$t - ,'\ a - , Ft :upcrmfieXtsStefx€ 2. nraw the structr'e *, *"T$S;Srlfol.illh?-'- o".* ( I plsA (2.f'',4E>5-ethyl-6-methvl-2,4-!99!a{gg T 3. Homework(chaPter 7)
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Unformatted text preview: ( g ftS\ Iodine azide, IN3, adds to alkenes byan electrophilic mechanism similar 19 that of bromine. If a monosubstituted alkene such as 1-butene it "ruJ, onii one product results: N:N:N CH3CH2CH:CH2 + :L[-p:il -.---* arrarrJrarr, (a) Add lone-pair elections to the structure shown for IN3, and draw a second. resonance form for the molecule. (b) calculate formal charges for the atoms in both resonance structures you drew for IN3 in part (a). (c) In light of the result observed when IN3 adds to l.-butene, what is the polarity of the I-N3 bond? ?ropose a michanism for trr" ,.u"tio" "riri curved arrows to show the electron flow in each step. c){s) .g G *10 N=r{a Nl-1$- ,Rc N,! cHrfd /fi*F]'ltr I tf-eeil{HSJ-l ,so i $-tl** {t CHd!{rt!tt}1a:E rr\ \-' / fHst.1rhff4 fH;...
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