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.'.': CE'C+ cHM22t0 Spring 2004 I est 50 I il 'l t f,zuol / Totol = 100 points. Graded tests may be picked up at cH 33z,6ood luck! 1. Provide unombiguous structurol. formulos for the compounds nomed below. (3 points each)- o) Merhytene bromide C$1[5na CHaBr" vr rLrv' L b) Chloroform nUn \ cl-icl3 c) (z)-I,z-Dif tuoro- z-peitene ' 4^ * n/ cb\l'ek\ b \'qh F1 . H i. .^",h I
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Unformatted text preview: k\"., \t ro,,.r v Ji)/zC:c":h,i;. Ct\3 (F*iC "'^'',' .' d) f-Butyl iodic' I ,, ^ _ j,l,_ te k\Si- t-L ,\:"" '')- Jrr- c*l 2- Provide complete nqmes for the compounds pictured below. (4 points eoch) o);zfc,H tl rL\il - t'"r \q;dgi \-'klL.Cn{ns-c) q- F\ur.or.s,- \ r tp - Yfp{ctc\te:{W / / 3 - R*tx-ro - 3*c,trf \*roogc\ofgxetls :i-...
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