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/ crHz ,fi > C=q-cH)-oH Yrj ,/ I CHs j+s, 4. Provide uncmbiguous structurol formulas fonoll the possible regioisomeric il,,-ih c4a cHs /S3 CHc \, + CH-g*cHLct-lc + / ,t I CHO CH, 7rr- a=c{luHs 5. Show how one could Or"f#td. .of;J,1ting !-penteneos the only corbon souice. (15 points) ^gr N\ Flor> ,\-^. #z)-{tffi ,r u<p 642 (, f.n#^e- 6^J CuL; 6. Specify
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Unformatted text preview: &amp;quot;Elo,or &amp;quot;E2u cs appropriate. (2 points eoch) YL Stereospecific E 2- Shows a deuterium isotope effect (i.e., kx &amp;gt; kd ; Yl Cqrbocotion interm ediate E f Periploncr tronsition structure-l E I : Rote of 'reaction = ft[R-l] (i.e; independent of base concentration) ,t t tg\'*&amp;quot;:'i ,/\ I t'---+ on--&amp;lt;r...
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