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Unformatted text preview: 1 '15 tdYk Name r^-:Yrt._ 22tO Cl,{,1,r1 Spriry 2W6 Tesf V 1. Provide unombiguous structurol formulcs (2 points eoch) for the compounds nqmed below o) Vinil chloride *g 2_fury b) Adethylena bromide CH c) Allyl d) iodide anA Chloroform CHO| 2'Providecomplete ncmes for the compounds pictured below. (3 points each) o) a 3 - D ;{luo'o.(, { o 7e"^+ene i #s*, c) IBr (fi ) - 2- - &,lr.'-. o - L* oJ el-.e>/,+ne- ,FQt OH cl . cH2cH3 C ;s - t- CL-l6t.s- 3 - eil^Hl ., rrd ol o be,fa" *e,* 3. Show the re-agents qndlor conditions one could use to carry out fhe conversion below. A{ore than one step inay beeequired. (g points) D I curcurlucu, cHsclH.?|HCHs ...
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