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# u 1rz1-lr I I ++l Br: I #3 ,CI \-\ #3 \-\ +t (c*r)rr.-.reB, GH*,H 7. Consider the mechonism for the reoction below. q) X NBs VJI T Product(s) '/t Drow oll reqsanqble resononce form s f or the key intermediqte ond plocethe corcect symbol betweenthem. (7 points) 5 t'" b) Provide unombQuous structural formulos for ony olkyl halide product(s). (6 points)
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Unformatted text preview: + *u' 8. Number the following occording fo 5ru2 reactivity (#1 = mosf reactive) (3 points) Br I #L 9. Number the following cccording to 5n1 reactivity (#1 = most recctive) (3 points) Br \-l'-. #L 1O. Number the following occording to E2 reacfivity (#l = rnost reactive) (3 points) J+3 #l ,-g...
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