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4, Circle ony comPound(s) below thof could reqsonqbly be prepored by rodicol hologenotion of an alkone. (3 pointg , -l each incorrecf respons-e) CHz ,? 5. Consider fhe mechqnism for NKS > ho , Cci{ Product(s) o) Drow sll reasonable resonqnce forms for the key intermediate and plcce the correct syhbol betweenthem. (7 pointi) + b) Provide unambiguous
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Unformatted text preview: structurol formulos for ony olkyl halide product(s). (6 points) B.Crs y,{ 6. Shqw "fhereagents qnd/or conditions one could use to corry out the conversion below. More thqn one step may be required. (B points)-f \',1r?!:1 '?'H; -A ^,s'$*t 4{* AX*.)E f cn5)" r \J' cilr- Q: c t ' .fH1 Ctl3-i-$;...
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