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IMG_0258copy - (15 points 6 Consider the mechqnism for the...

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:;i. .-' LG.i - 4.providzunombiguous structurol formulos for oll the possible regioisomeric ( elimination proJuds. Circlethe mojor producf. (8 points) eH3. ?t Koll * c ut"cu -t- ct'lzc ll3 "..{ ^"7 cl.li lT}n"rhow,one cou ld prepore octone usi n9 l-butonol, CHsCHzCHzCHzoH, as l/tn"only corbon source.
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Unformatted text preview: (15 points) 6. Consider the mechqnism for the reocfion }!, TUt > Product(s) a) Dnow atl reasonable rgsonance forms for the key intermediote and : placethe correct symbol betweenthem. (7 points) b) Provide unombiguor.ts structurol forrnulos for any alkyl hclide product(s). (6 Points)...
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