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: it'-'- CHl,l 22lO Nome Totol = 100 points. Groded tests moy be recloimed in CH 332. Good luck! 1. Provide unambiguous structurql formulqs for the compounds nqmed below. (3 points each) a) trons-7,3-Diethynylcyclobutane b) (9-4-Isopropylc yclohexene H, i c\a{e*3 2. Provide complete nqmes for eoch of the following. (4 points eoch) a) rH.-cqc'' (fr-Ll-Me-l$*il-iprop'q) ' cu3cltrcu2.".^/r[;c=c'
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Unformatted text preview: t(t 6 cFA non'6rv '; ffio, ^ ),', C il1- 6 Ur- CV2 _c frc-".---c\gy'c lc, \ e -AQ*VV\ - l, s - 'e'r*"Ai on- 3-U* 3. o) Ploce on osterisk (*) at each chirolity center in the structure below. (2 points) o l+Fl *H b) Whot is the moximum number of stereoisomers possible Foi ttr" compound represented obove? (2 points) ee = I b)-vAAA (U A...
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