IMG_0236 - bromide CH 2_8r* c) Allyl iodide 4,/A d)...

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,^r*tF) 'ct1ff. ?zto Spilqe ?w6 Test V q) ruo*"e Total = 100 points. '6roded tests moy be picked up ot cH 33?. .6ood luckl 1. Provide unombiguous stiucturol formulas for the compounds nqmed below (2 points each) a) Vinyl chloride *o\ I - i I Ftt n b) AAathylene
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Unformatted text preview: bromide CH 2_8r* c) Allyl iodide 4,/A d) Chloroform C|+OU ?.Pravidecomplete nomes for the cornpounds pictured belorar. (3 points esch) A 3 - D ){luo.o"(o { o ye"+ene (fi ) ^ Z * &-o*.o - L- i o cJ el-,e*a-ne 9Ht...
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