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6. A dihedrol angle of 99 dqrees is called \ \ @ u) TI rl q q { g. Which compound below ccn cdopt o chair conforrnqfion in whigh fhere ore no 7. Torsionql stroin results from qxiol bromine otoms? ' "' ': ' \ l,l-Dibromoryclohexone \ cis-1,2 -Dibromoryclohacqne \| fiunel,3-Dibronocyclohexcne U) cr+1,4-Dibrornoryclohexane @ ttone qf the qbove 9. The picture shoiun below represents atoms crowding
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Unformatted text preview: into the sqrne spoce. : ,^. eclipsing of boids on odjalent otoms. (b) bending of bond angles qway from ideol shiFe. qll of the obove none of the qbove ^o^-e at' fLoA* { Q 1-Bromo-1-ethylcyclohexone-\ fran* l-Bromo-3-et hylcycl ohexone. i ;::TH"-"-:i ;J,.,.Hff;" 6 \ cis-l- Bromo-2-ethylcyclohexcne. '/\--z-#cHz-cHS 1$- ! -6-o"r a- 2-'e+r6b6c.bk'rt { \...
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