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Nome fo* hM Total = 100 points. .Gradedrests cln b,epicked uO Tl,rl, ,1332 srorring fotnorrow ond should be retrlr"a ,n clqss .*u-i.rrure Fridc y at therotest. 1) Drqw a Newmon projectio n of the low,,<+ ah^,^. . ,, I -d b ;;;; t'fi"+F": 'l: @g:;:.fiffi ,T L "uT-" ^>'i o'-'c*-iu'-tt') H '{r .--n-/ ruJL, H r u.fln. _/ 2: o) Drow crear representations of .fofh
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Unformatted text preview: chqir conforrners of the some nor ecur e of crs- r -f l *ro -t -*',,yr.y" r J "iin". (r0 po i nf s) r a*io'\ 3-b) Lobel eqch non- hydrogensubstituent obove os ,,r (4 points) I uenr I'q1io1rr or ',eguctoriol.,, c) Circlethe fovor ed conforrner obove (3 poinfs) ,, axta-\ FE l- eH I /\) EE-+ b.,*t a-bow. V^ltl-,.c, .+ a, _,_-6'...
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