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IMG_0080 - c E t Occurs via a carbocation intermediate d X...

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I 8. Specify "S*1" or "SN2" for each item below as appropriete. (2 points each) a) 2l'- Inversion of configuration at reaction site b; 99, Reaction rate = frtRXI c) 6r.I, One enantiomer of a chiral reactant gave racemic product. q51, ^yX $""ncerted displacment of leaving group by nucleophile e) Snl r,, Most favored by strong nucleophiles 9. Specify "El" or "W" for each item below as appropriate. (2 points each) a) E a Coplanar transition state required b) €u Reaction rate = /ctRXItB:-l
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Unformatted text preview: c) E t. Occurs via a carbocation intermediate d) X- Mostfavored by strong base e) t-:u Most likely for primary alkyl halides Multiple choice: Circle the letter of the best response' (3 points each) below is an alkyl halide? uH D[3 e) None of the above 12. Which solvent below is polar-aprotic? Jstt @vn9 6dt Ll, T tf X r '-"4 lklp-) Lg{ Y', pUl la55 8T.' de'{\9,-'&h: {A,I C I i\ A. two layers with chloroform on the c) Hexane d) all of these e) none of these A...
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