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1\, (( CHIA Z?tA, Test 2, Spring 2008 Nome - ID# 1. Provide complete names far the compounds pictured below. (3 points each) 2 |,t+ futT-# -v;(lw'x o t? ato|u.o'Y tu a b\*ye{{[4 r {D'a ptxwr.- 2.Provideon unombiguous structurol formulo for the mojor organic product(s)2 (5points) ry" ffine< ' ff + war tr'";iu\ ff- oc" #+ et'''- i?- 3. a) Drow clenr three-dimensional represerfiations
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Unformatted text preview: of bofh choir conformers of the some tran*!-ethyl-3-me-thylcycloh er<ene. (Do not draw enontiomers. 6 points) b) Lobel oll ring subsfituents as "oxicl" or "eguotoriol.'(4 points) +4 ?fry t *( i A17\NA *4n lora)fl c) Circle fhe fqvored conformer. (2 points) LU"r*n *c.,rru/\o-\ .Fav oveA. UotA W t449,,r 6,*t*'*\...
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