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IMG_0089 - HUo4 R-tt 4\r?C.t{r\l$ qib*V.Or-21 Which/S.lfOT...

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18. Which reactants will yield ethoxide ion, CHTCHTO- ? ffr**ol+NaH u"/ b)'CHTMgI + H'C=O / ,R g1,Ircn=o +-NaBlL tWq does Nu\,,r.r.r UrW, V f-(9, All of the above A --=* e) None of the above ? r tr.,twqgf .fr v.c-rr'?4x s-{ l'\ 19. Which reacants below are likely to yield (CH3)3C-O-CfI CfLCt{ f a) (CHrlC-Br + -O-CH2CH2CH3 @crq;rc-o- + Br-cHrcHrcr.rs / O tcrLLcoH + HmH2cH2cH3 + Hrsoo d) All of the above e) None of tbe above 20. What is the result when q\Ctl2(}tzMgBr is treated with water? --[c gmro" c) Hexane di hopene e) No reaction lrrt\\tP{A (oetts ol
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Unformatted text preview: HUo4 R-tt 4\\r(\.{?C. .t{r \l$,\ qib. *V,.Or-21. Which /S.lfOT an intermediate in the mechanism for the reaction of r-butyl alcohol withHBr? t ."& . / *o-H a) (CH'[C-OHz rt d) hll thebbove are intermediates. e) None of the above is an intermediate. 22. Which reaction soquence below will yield l-butanol? ft)cgrcltMgl + epoxide then aqueous acid '// *5)- crt cHrtvtgl + o=cHCH, then aqueous acid X c) CH3CH2CH'CH2MgBT + HrO d) All of the above e) None of the above Qa t rnS A, q(\r/w6 Ln att LUL + alfu\d"-F-\ A- d.lt+ K*T e3...
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