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IMG_0074 - k tol [email protected]^^r f J;A^^r...

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cHM zzrla+l { Exam *14 August 1,20A6 Name 1. Provide IUPAC names for the following ' 9rlf,i (b) W'; 2. For the compound 2r3-dimethylbutane (a) predict the monochlorination -,. " zu > t'ffi"ffi;T"l'".JnT?$'#i,ffHlitrh("t"J,xilT.ff"on of the ----',' 6;tjffi;.oa.,"t ; Lt6pls) ;:3,5:l ,,_ r!:._ /,-) \y /:J ( *f*,ffit
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Unformatted text preview: k ( tol+t ) @r^^r) - f ,, - J;A^^r- l-.1^L^-l--1.f./,"x"oe ,ou\oot I r\$'-F"€l' f qnne 4t a /i\. ,Ll i) 4 E,.re.f|v trt*t& l x/a F lr Z = (a w :fZ t%, Y /ct/ /12 /22- ^ l.a. .rrg At 57{ rr r{ o w r, *t-G_}z-f F#F' a zz_ t I'lLl ,r, fr'Jt r;,/ Ctz X=fl Q- j ,z+ 3 --{rl ,"",fA-^ ^)...
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