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(t) (n) (n) (o) a-c\ \/)\/ ot4 odtr$-:****o 5. Mechanisms: Provide the mechanisms (use arrows to show eletron flow) tmt ( I /S) corrcxtpond to the following reactions. ca'; $ 6/hG,_"1
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Unformatted text preview: ry\# ,})l+s L (.9 u,/ Wr, N/Ylo? w (e"t (cl 1.&lls.,THF x, oH ^q^W,f-ylauil* ,["" /^up, \U +.'-t-r \ r\ V8 *+ dr** I g\ Kott tcrycb \ ftI.&. .*b HU {6'Y...
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