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1 4. Complete the reactio.n scheme with unambiguous structuralformulas for each of the missing organic compounds.(5 points each) ' 1 t{6[oz ccu)z f Hro,lrur ttL?i ' ,) [,]c. B i{,1 D.,;., ( Hc.t 3o - -r 6l{ cl \cr /?*- how one could prepare hexane using CILCHTCHpH as the only garbon
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Unformatted text preview: I )source. (12 points) l,--7Br" CH=c$.*!ol-l ,# cHsctlrcH*Fr @ 0ilrct'Lc*?8Y. -{I** Frcwr @ f"Y*&'rt-' Cu"I Z ct\rc'.I" ol4, Lt ;+t_r] (*lrcYrcH.L c,rui @ C\LcHz clr}r + (c*ucrl"cuJrCwLr g*5 F.6. .6 tr * @ CH, oil, os ac tlzcfi rQl"i : Flera,rr-o-...
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