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t8 p -g-A DU = Lt (cno,^'.-y-;.-) 9. Propose c structure for a compound with the formula CaHgBr thqt hos the lH Nrt R spectrum surnmoriz ed below. (10 pointsf j"-*J;.*.* -.=. . _ 7.4 6 (2 H;doublet) ov\vo{3 7.1 6 (2 H, doublet) 2.66(2Hguortef) 1.26(3Htriplet) -ct(, -- (f /{,) * c{,- ( ' ilt\ //O H "*T^ lsu's 0*0o -ry c*L ffi rl @ ,@ 6 ,/ ,l / {/ ( PJ=t " ,
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Unformatted text preview: 10. A compound with fhe formula CoHnQ shows o strong infrared signol near [email protected] -L6A0 &5Sg'. The 1H NtrAp spectrum shows only 2 signols thqt are both C/"!'t singlets ot at 2.1and t-Z ppm with relotive integrals of 1:3, 1e;ryp;fively. gO0 -LAO' Propose o structure- (10 poinfs) frd ri-oao-lUrc-u+a t__A vl *F...
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