IMG_0055 - is a carbme A-tr Al_cH2:cryq A aG'= e-K/RT B...

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cHM 2210.0042 Exam#2 ,,,,/' October 5, 200? Name. will NOT receive credit if you circle two) and then @ L30 Predict the maior product of the reaction shown below' H1PO1, heat :D) None of the above How many elements of unsaturation are implied by the molecular formula C5H5IrlO2? you r+') A)0 B)1 -: #'_.r -..8 - ): .w ffiHa ( at nn' f, ;. .a lry ,kq' We{3cH2+ t 7 TrU*:{#f-#t*y{""ersiesberylv(rnkcar/mor),estimatetheaH.rorthe f propagationstep(cH3)2cH. * ir2-*-l"CirJriir.t + ct. . l4- WniA of the following
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Unformatted text preview: is a carbme? A-tr Al_cH2:cryq A) aG'= e-K/RT B) aG'=eK/RT .-_gaC__=_BIInK* ,;Pigq':-*IrK -:) E) none of the above CHSCHzCHz-H 98 (CHa)zCH-H ss _cl-{I s8 '=*Fl_q-- 103 gtlscH:cHz-cr -il - -,- il (cHdzCH{r s0 r-t I-*' \er: H*::lij*:::: ::,:,:1lff::::", the standard Gibbs free enersy c.hanse of a reacrion in terms of the reaction ternperature (r) ana equilibrium """"a"", rrlz C) -+O kcal/mol D) +45 kcal/mol c)2 D)3 A) -22kcal/mol 22kcallmot l"n...
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