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1' ( 5 pts) Unknown X, C5HeBr, does not react with bromine or with dilute KMnoa. Upon treatment with potassium Name I'nt 2.(5pts cHM 22rc.4002 Homework Quiz Chapters 8 and 9 - Oetober 22, "!407 t-butoxide, X gives only one product, Y, C5Hs. Unlike X, Y decolorizes bromine and changes KMnOa from purple to brown. Catalytic hydrogenation ofY gives methylcyclobutane. Ozonolysis-reduction of Y gives dialdehyde Z, C5HgA2. Propose bonsistent structures for X, Y, and Z. Is there any aspect of the structure of X that is still unknown? tr,, v i] Dr "l.g-;4r il. .t.r4 \{ { f t t r# f *r*mro**f['$ jn\.o.n { ract!'4 si" *// Yl ilt '=x / \ Z x:i d{i#{ F\.i' j IQ- b'brt *. ..ffie .Y \-J methyienecyciohexane "{io"rr{K"f6tenecyctohexaneasyourstaningmateriar. 05 (e) (^ffict \-/ /1 I UIZ rl flLU :.-/ {rt{tr"{sa L 3' ( 5 pts) Muscalure,the sex attractant of the common housefly, is
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Unformatted text preview: crs-9-tricosene. Most syntleses of alkenes give the more stable trans isomer as the major product. Devise a synthesis of muscalure from acetylene and other comporinds of your choice. Your synthesis must give specifically the cis isomer of muscalure. tilz i'fcr-,'- r-,,. . t -ii trln *tt\. '\ ,* (:1/ "/-,,/ \ F] Ci-t: [Cu ]),, -C:-A.@i,,u. # j>il J 4. ( 5 pts) Give IIIpAC names for the folowing compounds. Ph I cH3-c-c-cH-cH3 ,{$*nd ars# y-2- eX (CH3)2CH-C- C - CHzC(CH3)3 A, U, {*'tru *'*4+"4,t - 5 -k1 .r H P+\rq t't\ ,zCHt (d) .rC:C\ H"C 4,4 d,A,trno ace.{jvi -i-ri (a) (c) (b) CH3-CBr2-C-C-CH3 t-ene CH, I (e) CH.-C-C-C-OH-l cH2cH3 C-C-CHzCHa i g - F.-- rn-o- ' ' {E r r ttr.lfl{f -Mitr-1-,,".i^ tl- fv'eti-vf -- [email protected] ru *'d-* I...
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