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CHIA 721A, Sprirg 20A6, Total = 1@ points. Graded tests mcy be picked up ot CH 332.6ood luckl 1. specify A^5,rR, UV, or NMR for enchitem'below. (2 points each) A W, elt 'Y a) UV Elecfrons ore promoted from lower to higher energy orbitals : q A/flh Spinning nuclei are subjected to rodio wqves in o magnetic field "l AS An electron is dislo dgedfrom a molecule ts crenteq moleculqr ion q UV .Shows Ihepresenceand extent of conjugation ") A3 Usually indicqtes the moleculor weight <A fi Lh Shows whot kind of bonds are present and is best for identifying what functionol groups are present il A/nh Ofienused fo show fhe numb er of hydrogen
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Unformatted text preview: or ccrbon environments present f,l 7|-l-rflis technique destroys the somple i) tA Vibrations of bonds il UV HOMO-LU IAO electronic tronsitions ?--Place the letters A fhrough F in the diagrom below to indicot e the corresponding rqion of the infrored spectrum. (2 points eoch) A. Stretching ond bending of g!ng!_e bonds thqt do not involve hydrogen B. Stretching ofj{Xgle bonds fhqt involve hydrogen C. Corbonyl stretching occurs here = D. CCI+ shows peoks here but not in the ofher three regions E. Triple bonds stretch here F. Sornetimes colled the fingarprint region b E-L AD F 4000 2500 2000 1500 400 cm-l...
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