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IMG_0104 - at x^-L-4-1 goEilork(chrpter'o"ff*l'6:u'1'10...

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&' :u'1'10 " /- at o*"ff'*l'6 x^-"---L-4---- hl*::"il:*ff "?f*":11ffi ::ff hltlf, iii'"i,xl*H'""*,@ (c) Give tte perdtlgc of A ud B tbrt wodd be io equilibriuD witb Ecb otbcr rt I \ mo'te.p€r*G LL /f9 1. goEilork(chrpter + (ro /:S 2. EoEdorll (chaptcr 6F t r o,11s,) 7 .r- .P Dqib tb€ lioihdd of ndi.d dlcilrds .f !D.ffi' tbc tdis i5 *j! F ,--) q--/^-/ I q L t.5.2 B t(% the rlnsg <aiilG"n**p*"O*to'[email protected]) (o) 6bethemd iEp b Eoficruic wlcfE @ e, Q,, (.r f l2o -Asig!.E rS oDn€utim b {cb olth folliriry dL'n* ra)nocfr -rcas (b)Eooc\_ I > b:i c:c /\/\-- &c ! G1 OCgt (c) Nc CtIr (d) cSrOF q: Or. '-'\/--\/ b-i c:c .,/--\/\,/ cE,cE, . cE oE rrqc c&cB, 4 5. Whq cydohsme setr witb chlorhcrith arbon tctnchloridea lhelolv6t, ! trgu-dihrlidc b ioned s rhm bdow. Writa ile ouplae ncchariru for tbo ihis Ectioe xersr b !h* ffi"1*79:'*" o* Ttt p l, ) \.j -6* !,.l_o cl ,/-{ \/*c/ *mD Vt Vt 3. cive the onEt IttPAc Nd for thr bllwilg orpourtE (ilcldc z.* n f ( g 1$) !ffity) { ?. Prdict thc prodrst! of thc IollNilg
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