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(, .-4'n <-,\"n . cEM 22r0.m02 Ena2 Octobq( 2006 Name lA*ic'@"*** Clor'b)) s. syrnqbe ( lO rai:) (r)^. It A ' e^ar HzO 6,Eomr!(.bpEr7) (-{-ott {ron "49^@ o) \tr t. fs ,EHsrTttF , a. + tt" + yt ila PU. Cla cH1cl1 Cle \ l'laO + 8r-, -a , :81, +#a t r$ o^ t_f/ 6t *, *o-offo,, r\rfigr rffil," cf,M2elo0@ Bom,mrhQair Oiptsi ae ,b x? (0 . 6cDtcnbcr2?'t(n6 N"'"1)gs$l9-Wsi- ffi (a) /r &-" 1t'tz cl ^-a btf 8r I Y. cr4 ltu Ec-c:o : -l cn! iarclilf:lfit',,a*'?< cn 7 El 5 - (1 - E4vl - tl t - l; adl.,t&&t) - 6. iol,* I 4 e' 1' lt 2. Prcdict ltc prodlc(r) of ttc h[otiry adl6 (br ey ,rihitr.tim H givc dl podbtc prodrcb rd lrdiEr d a _@4_ (c)#- -#----) *# 4; -) '{ @ oa --L+ CaL+ IV t ct*ll ywa, H'I'-r);-H Y5 UhTa \ zpCtuLs*h<h' >r\A sl 3. Pruidc lLc onpletc Dchmbu (ircludc rpproprirG smw6 to rhow elcction I t n A \ f,ow for sch rtcp) for the folluirg
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Unformatted text preview: owmiorr L I u f ^ / Qviz E L (6 Fr) r,o*ro.rd!0oagdh!e: . H hEEFrI-(a) t AC tull. D&amp;d@ e-ft.* ;ouct*ftiUrlto A. di@ (b) E;? (c) EilEryturiiib d.t s e th6?t blrh@ orhldiEg@. &quot;)A{=pooitivc-b\ l' aJaFs c) r. tranq,trs\ B.toj:rs 2. (/t pts) 5r4 Add @.d ffi b ttu Dsaaila rh'[ h sro 6.{:l b bdid tlc dtuMiDa!}i4. 5s ?Cbl@2{.'6t&amp;rFEd'ltb*si!tir.e *J&quot;.qFS 21:&quot;}-lt z-pp-'lf*-tirt irP b dffittuth6@4,'bid ir tln s E@ rti.itlu t Oirtf*cs.66 Ef- ds Cmlv rt @ @r@' rdih.quilibriu dir!sl-I 9&amp;n c-&amp; nla F I&quot;.-t-{-E- *&quot;-l-o4 l/A!- r,.-l-o-E. B!o* + o-l-- I ..- i ^\I- i L cs| c&amp; LsJ ctr' ' tfltthtt+@t ){q6'qi'- X + HFx 344 i; ) Aa^ )L t,Bi, 4), *Qu u uL:1 ,da7/c/*u...
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