IMG_0171 - fR ond lH NfulR spectro ore shown below The t3C...

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7. o) For eoch of the following use the spectral doto provicied to deduce an unombiguous structural formulq. Brief ly indicote your reqsoning ond circle your firiol onswer. (12 points eoch) The formulo is CzHr+O.The
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Unformatted text preview: fR ond lH NfulR spectro ore shown below' The t3C NMR spectrum showed only three linas at L9,39, ond 2tr9 ppm. ]ritEItlEERS g.b'r I b.b'r'e.b'r I i.b'r I !.b'r I i,b'r,o.bppH Pnolon NHR...
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