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IMG_0056 - {iil:Tj"i"""" A fil X What...

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ty' $)2, Identi{z the major product of the reaction below. cH- t' C "ot" B) cH. t5-"' PotasEium tert butocide lw a /\- (e)/ \ --,:- BLn.rcHt c"or, A) H:# r}"#llowing reactive intermediates can best be described as both nucreophilic and @ ' B) carbocations lC) carbgnes ::-r ZD) free radicals .l ^ -.,, ^,e n E) alkanes i.r_, G):' which of the following is a geminal dihalide? C) tr ans -7, 4-diiod ocycl oh exa ne
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Unformatted text preview: # {iil:Tj"*;i"""" A fil X---. / What term describes the strucfural relatior /+, P ?*,T,"::,:-;hiffi;#:t rerahonship between (2RsR,4s)-2,r,4-rrichroroheptane and B) constitutional isomers-/> lA&ich of the following species is ihe least nucleophilic? ! ffiffi:,beIowundergoessoIvolysisinaqueousethanoImostrapidly? , -*.4**yfiegt*:-) ?"l C) isopropyl chloride...
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