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I j$. Yo(g 8-. Homework (chapter 3): (a) Draw 3 ppgglble staggqed conformations of 2-methylbutane (sight along the CrCs bond) frA1Ei-give the relative energies of the three possible conformations. (c) indicate which formls the most stable and which is the least stable. I *43 (4 pts) Hl 0- rne+ntll\ /{' cuEc[t*etliv cur -i . ^ ) I aS fu -$' t$ " i6,:r$'.,H- l#; coo" I tl v / \ i + ".!" -+ l l r8"0 hrl\40\ J 3.8 \r: tuo]t 1l 0r.o hrlM0 i ?:$s$tl J\"Q$l/Hol 3s .11X* ' i _. ; *$** f,{o:+ 548\p Mon s{{lb\e 5g* SIH ctts-i-i-ru, fo *""1 **-**". . l^ oFrulr^ : ui I A-5 i .) i lIIX?L D+ 54Bb\e tHr oA* frlx r*{ !{ ilb +0 9. Predict the products of the following reactions (4 pts) (a)csHzo a oz 3 CCa * HaO "t E'tl*Ri:q (b) cn3cg2cHzcHs + cr2 o) cH rcH l c
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Unformatted text preview: F.ll cH r e \ 10. The acetate ion (cHrcoz- ) is a more stable anion than CHTCHzO- {ue to resonance stabitization of t$e acetate ion. Draw the two possible (4 pts) ^ ro? a) 6 A.F .'J t ll li 06 CH:* fi* mi at 11. (a) Define petroleum (4 pts) pgr?rc!*rJffr lft -tr co,{"np\ex f"f,'x"!qJe *,F *}**ffieram* Sucq g5 g\haneh €\h*rxro *rhvi**, ***, Hrenn€ftc*, (b) what is gasoline and how does industry obtain it from petroleum? s Fetrq\eurnri; TT€Lt{-t:re# \ Srnetter hgococscbon; Oee oF rihe. drvryUnu {es,;\t ,n *\re. mdtuCjull nf 3ahttt* " cr * crq nu$roear'CIofi) ffre$$e ils $esextre rhe O\FF c\\\){cos QF pe'm\eu*l €{"e seps*trc b*:sil *n boltrng Fornt r vl I CHg- C = o:...
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