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7 CHM zzlA,Test 3, Spning 2008 Student# Total = 100 points 1. Number the following according to boiling point. (#1 = highest b.p., 2 points) CIl 2.. Number the following according to S*2 reactivity. (#1 = most reactive, 2 points) l-Iodobutane O ,N 3. Number the following according to Sr1 reactivify. (#1 = most reactive, 2 points) a\r4$V t{,lhlnd' icity ( cH2cH2cH2cl @ cH3cHzcH'cHrBr 6 cH3cHzcHrcHrl o h+, *rf.' r' 9d\ 4, l-Chlorobutane *t'-ennrgfutane uCI "€v- "\/ *2-- |f) I 4. Number the following according to nucleophil
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Unformatted text preview: ou\ #L = most nucleophilic, 2 points) cH3oH m CITSH @ CHrs S. Or\\e following accor;p1to stability. (#l = most stable,2 points) 't\r.r"' re;,,Wrs* K,"Wft 6. Number the following accord ine t{$xof hydrogenuti#. A 6r" exothermic , , Orrrrr, .Wrr* l-Bitene trans-Z-Butene cis-2-Biiene 9o vwNL "'ffi) ." & 4'47tYqh ery{'' 7. Number the following according to staUilityft#i = nrost stable,2 points) bit n.-1o$t-\P ,,N. * lll @D@ edt" 3" o2- l' lW...
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