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12. Propose structural formulas for the compounds from the spectral data provided. Briefly show work or indicate how your ans\ryer was obtained. (10 points each) a) A compound with the formula C4H10O gave the integrated tH NMR spectrum below: cHz 3r 'a A-./ { tl * 8+ 2 = lO - lO = 4 DtL Nc, -w bonAs or r\nXS Ovr\q ? A enviro^"nr er*s o 3.5 S + l-f has 3 ne;ghdrs (q"a"Y+"+) 1.1-S *) H has zn"igvrVws (+-riTlzr) b) cuHr6 1098 llx2+?=41 -16 7654 Chemical shift (d) 21 i, cHsct+z [.lrccilrocH2c]-13 l-las Li w bonds "nA/or vin6s Bc NIIR: 29.5,3L.8,50.2, L2s.5, rn.s,130.3, 139.g ppm DEPT-9O: 125.5, 127.5, 130.3 ppm
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Unformatted text preview: DEPT-135: positive peaks 29.5, 125.5, Ln.5,130.3 ppm; negative peak 50.2 ppm / 8/a= 4 D,J. --+ 5st'cvrt"clt c ";Y 7 di eran* cA.vfun ehv iro n',,ri rn*s bur-* ll ccurbors ,". sorn, r44E+ ht- s,#rtT',e'tri ,"\/s''n'z (Same in c"rn*.a,'huc ri,1) DE?T-qA: n5.57 , .t 'c*?n qP')-l27,57cll'son \ r^.cib o \rc,7 \ ar"ttlakc 'i" 'U ' - Q- r------'- \-'/ *l^- o-4:'A -C$l G \tn\^ - t \33 a-rartxr1L I I mus*b+ / /->-cHz-9-clz Bq,8 '+ 3l, B gpm i quv,r*-zrr.Ld-ru.( ea-nban V/ - | fifm U" L"s" i+ di J" T *Qo,,r,-r-p in W?T-QO or DEPT - t?S '-...
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