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b Vialo jwrE add t n, f>tT# S s. u l',|rrl e t 7. which is a method for determining the number of tH on each r3c in a ttc NMR sPectrum? ?,. . l ,r, a) Counting the r3C NMR p*fu x l:-'''" '-;:.*- O L I - tr :iHffffi:'"?:**1il15ff$ldN*hpeaks i^r'x s, tt aflDistortio;l*tEnffi-ement Polarization iransfer (DErI) S tA 4 * lo @U of the above 1 . h ltt.c ^ tz L 8-ProposeasffuctureforacompoundwiththeformulaqHrOthathastherHNMR ylF S {f' , spectrum summarized below. Show work or briefly explain your reasoning. (11 points) y\Lrt Z,S f ( l:!l:t " €Lr d4.os(septet,rH) cr\ w4+ L 62.52 (broad singlet, lH) 4.0; ( tH t,52 ( r H \ 2-L c {ril t Lis h4Qa of CHr '' vtlryl *o i t+ *' Lv+ fw=tc gP+A'tl .r-r=o sihqi{rf "-' &"tJtof m)+ ir' I f-H = tra,xt" *, Lo h?t(doublet' 6H) s,t"f x {- &-tr- # Wf *"
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Unformatted text preview: ln H ,--t gll z _) f-f_{ = k,"wd-Svgg*:.r"'t" { cr Jr4{ 4,w1";e t'L{.k"t -fu t H d"4 ) e' {* o f .o {furPlpA ,iHJ b_t/\rL CVs cl\r Q*s- i-n C,lliro c+H s .# 2-;"Q-en-\\ -L i 3c tH 9. A compound with the formula C*H*O, shows a strong infrared signal near 1735 cm-r. The lH NMR spectrum summarized below. Show *ork or briefl/explain your \ . q reasoning. (11 points) " V ll c,.+ H 8, o* l?3s= c 3l:?[i,lii:11ts c e d 1.0 (triplet, 3H)' W'0 \-T . / 1->Ct'li '!il-jYJ z l Givtg t'ur , 3H ) ntV.cirug* , ,/ ,-'Lftz Ltv='v\li- ,/ z .l ( 1^*+ u+ , a H) Y'\A3 ,/ \ w= 9 o It L\c*{cr--o*cH3 sryH tst ( c H r) vu-kh '+" qu-0"{tat {cH ") v\$-M'!" Mr\,oNVp{ HFa_ r {-\A,, W's f +" g H's Cl}I t,oxt 4" c's 6 HlS 2 0's o rd ,}'o .z-ft\g...
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