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13. A.n E2 reaction of Na* -OCH3 withtrans-1-bromo-2-methylcyclohexne will most likely yield a) [email protected] b) 1-methylcyclohexene. @3 -methylcyclohexene. d) 4methylcyclohexene. e) none of the above. 14. The reaction below yields two monobromo products via a radical chain mechanism. ,^^*r1o.*" ^^.,ate ?Tn q.\,.tp" a) "J;"v =A \tN\ N-Bromosuccinimide (NB S) Atru,z+\t,-l- \p1,,*4-We- radical intermediate and Draw all reasonable resonance forms for the organic
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Unformatted text preview: place the correct symbol between them. (5 points) qIt a) CH3CH2CH2CH2CH1AH2BT *A \A €-A/ 15. Predict the qucleophilic substitution products of the following reactions. H (3 points each) e+D' Na* -ocH2cH, C LI zc'* c c A c/'x)* (A zctt*b LAe L* s b) Provide structural formulas for the two monobromo products (3 points each) t r\uN\q[: i1*b) CH3(CH2)'CH2N( W&$ttAzD =cH...
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