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4. Provide unombiguous structural formulos for all the possibla'regioisomeric I :elirninotion products. circlethe.major product. (8 points) Br e Hr- ;' Koll - -' 4 CA'r1- f -"a-'J e{l'crroi- -) Lni :_ '4,. . 5- Show how,one could prepare octone using l-butqnol, CHsCHzCHzCHzOH,as 9rI +he only corbon source.
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Unformatted text preview: (15 points) .t \, : .:.t4" .',l O Consiaer tha mechsnism for the ""o.t -, 1} #= Product(s) a) Drow all reasonable resononce forms for the key intermediste and ,phce the corect symbol betwenthem. (7 points) b) Provide unombiguous sfructurol formulos,for any alkyl halide :product(s).(6 points) ,...
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