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PHY-2054C-002, Fall 2008 Instructor: Dr. Bhattacharya Quiz #9, Tuesday, Nov 4 1. A spherical, concave shaving mirror has a radius of curvature of 60.0 cm. (a) If a person’s face is located 10.0 cm to the left from the vertex of the mirror, the image is located (please circle one) Putting s = 10 cm and f =30 cm in to the mirror equation 1 s + 1 s = 1 f , one gets, 1 s = 1 30 - 1 10 . Or, s = -15 cm. i. 15.0 cm to the left
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Unformatted text preview: ii. 15.00 cm to the right iii. 7.5 cm to the right iv. 7.5 cm to the left v. 10.0 cm to the right (b) Draw an approximate ray diagram and check your answer in part (a) (c) What is the magniFcation of the persons face ? m = y y =-s s = 1 . 5 (d) Is the image real or virtual ? The image is virtual Useful informations: Mirror formula 1 s + 1 s = 1 f ....
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