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What kind of events/information is in eclipse xml data? Assume given. Short description: “run” 2007-9-27 time Assume have parser Java API Need delete, drag and drop picture function Software engineering using eclipse – students, researchers Automatic association of picture with event within 1 sec. Assume only one picture taken in one unit of time interval If interval before and after both 1 sec, move to before If interval after is 1 sec, more to after Drag and drop
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Unformatted text preview: - secure and reasonable Keep time stamp Undo. More than 1 pic at a event at the same time. If no picture, just output timeline in gui w/o picture. Run on mac, linux, windows Can delete any thing. Module separately. Security? No log in Software is a plugin to Eclipse Click on Event, want specific display (small window with short description of event and link to picture) Two events at one window Stand alone software, on pc only....
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