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System Environment The application is to be operated as a stand-alone software. It shall be able to operate on a computer that runs on Unix, Linux, Macintosh, or Windows operating systems. The application requires 5MB free disk space.
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Functional Requirements The initial window shall contain a required field for eclipse data, an optional field for picture data, and a button labelled “Create Timeline”. The fields for eclipse data and picture data shall allow the user to browse through a directory and choose the desired files. When a user presses the “Create Timeline” button, the module shall create a Timeline file based on the given data. - Given eclipse data, the module shall convert raw eclipse data into Timeline format. - Given eclipse data and picture data, the module shall combine the two into a single Timeline. If a picture’s timestamp occurs within one second after an event’s timestamp, the module shall associate the picture to the event. Event data and picture data shall be displayed as links on the Timeline, and
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SystemEnv_and_FunctionalReq--Melissa - System Environment...

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