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buildProcess - <ANT_DIR> is the directory path to the...

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Instructions for Building JHotDraw A simple build configuration file for Ant has been included, which can be used to compile all standard JHotDraw classes, to packagethem into a jar file and to generate javadoc information. The command tostart the build process could look like (when invoked in the <JHOTDRAW_DIR> \build directory) java -classpath "%CLASSPATH %;<ANT_DIR>\lib\ant.jar;<ANT_DIR>\lib\jaxp.jar;<ANT_DIR>\lib\parser.jar" -Djava.home="<JAVA_DIR>" -Dant.home="<ANT_DIR>" org.apache.tools.ant.Main all -Ddest.dir="<JHOTDRAW_DIR>" -buildfile build.xml where <JHOTDRAW_DIR> is the directory path to the JHotDraw package,
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Unformatted text preview: <ANT_DIR> is the directory path to the Ant installation, <JAVA_DIR> is the directory path to the Java installation. . Apart of calling org.apache.tools.ant.Main with the parameter all you can specify one of the following building targets: • clean- to delete all class files first • main- to compile, copy resources and build the jar file • jar- to build the jar file • compile- to compile only • javadoc- to generate javadoc • all- to clean, compile and javadoc Furthermore, Ant can be generate debug code when the switch -Djavac.debug=on is provided....
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