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Sheet1 Page 1 Change log Err:510 JHotDraw 5.2 changes (29.6.2001 by MrFloppy) - SelectionFigure is now an interface. The default implementation org.jhotdraw.standard.StandardSelectionFigure - A FigureSelectionListener interface has been introduced in org.jhotdraw.framework. An DrawingEditor is now a FigureSelectionListener and the signature for all selectionChanged() methods has been changed to figureSelectionChanged(). - org.jhotdraw.util.Command is now an interface. A AbstractCommand can be found in org.jhotdraw.standard. - All commands used to have a fView field. This has been moved to org.jhotdraw.standard.AbstactCommand - A org.jhotdraw.standard.StandardDrawingView has now a paintComponents() method instead of a paint()
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Unformatted text preview: and update() method. This allows the org.jhotdraw.util.FloatingTextField to be a javax.swing.JTextField instead of a java.awt.TextField.- org.jhotdraw.figures.AbstractLineDecorator has been missing- DrawApplet, DrawApplication and derived classes are now programmed towards the DrawingView interface instead of using StandardDrawingView. That leads to occasional cast when some additional StandardDrawingView functionality is required in some specialized cases. Applications that were derived from DrawApplication and used to override the createContents() methods should now return a DrawingView as well...
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