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Changes - Change Log Version 4.0 added pattlet slides that...

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Change Log Version 4.0 added pattlet slides that are referenced from javadoc. restricted visibility of the classes provided by org.jhotdraw.standard. generalized the start and end points of PolyLineFigures to a LineDecoration. Note: this breaks the loading of pre 4.0 drawings. LineFigures are now implemented based on PolyLineFigures some UI tweaks related to the look of handles. Version 4.0a javadoc documentation. features support for cursor keys to move figures support for snap to grid: ToggleGridCommand, DrawingView.setGrid(); alignment commands to align (top, centers, bottoms, left, middle, rights) AlignmentCommand resizable ImageFigures. The ImageFigures use the IconKit to share images. Images are currently stored by saving a reference to their image file. The file names are relative to the user.dir property. org.jhotdraw.util.Geom: geometrical utilities. class RectLocators: useful locators for rectangle locations. class RectTrackers: useful trackers to manipulate rectangle locations. Major rewrite of Connections. connectivity support is implemented based on an ObserverFigure interface.
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  • Spring '09
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  • rectangle locations. class, new connection infrastructure, reverse iterator package, new custom icons, applications Common applications

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