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packages - org.jhotdraw.contrib Classes that where...

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Packages Overview JHotDraw is organized into the following packages. org.jhotdraw.util This package provides generally useful utilities that can be used independent of JHotDraw. org.jhotdraw.framework The framework package includes the classes and interfaces that define the JHotDraw framework. It doesn't provide any concrete implementation classes. org.jhotdraw.standard The standard package provides standard implementations of the classes defined in the framework package. It provides abstract classes that implement a framework interface and provide default implementation. The convention is to prefix such classes with Abstract, e.g., AbstractFigure, AbstractHandle. Classes that implement a framework interface and can be used as is start with Standard, e.g., StandardDrawing, StandardDrawingView. org.jhotdraw.figures A kit of figures together with their associated support classes (tools, handles).
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Unformatted text preview: org.jhotdraw.contrib Classes that where contributed by others. org.jhotdraw.applet The applet package defines a default applet user interface for a JHotDraw applet. JHotDraw applets can be developed without using this package and they can have a different user interface. org.jhotdraw.application The application package defines a default user interface for standalone JHotDraw applications. This is only a default presentation. org.jhotdraw.samples.javadraw The package for the javadraw sample applications. This includes the javadraw applet, application, and a viewer applet. org.jhotdraw.samples.pert The package for the pert sample applet and application. org.jhotdraw.samples.nothing The package for the nothing sample applet and application. org.jhotdraw.samples.net The package for the net sample application....
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packages - org.jhotdraw.contrib Classes that where...

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