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Release Notes Version 5.2 Note: This version requires Swing/JFC 1.1 The purpose of this release is to: Use Swing/JFC GUI elements instead of AWT (where possible) Support for special Swing/FC features: Support for Multiple Document Interface (MDI) applications with several internal frames has been added. org.jhotdraw.contrib.MDI_DrawApplicationis the base class which must be subclasses to takeadvantage of managing internal frames. All examples are now derived from this class. Support for applications with splitted editor windows by deriving the drawing application from org.jhotdraw.contrib.SplitPaneDrawApplication Drawing windows have scrollbars Popup menus are available for additional functionality and control over graphical figures when using org.jhotdraw.contrib.CustomSelectionTool Toolbars can have different tools depending on the context of the currently selected figure and tool A new composite figure is available which delegates its graphical representation and figure attributes to another figure. Moreover, it canbe configured with an external layout algorithm that contains the logic forhow to lay out the child elements of the composite figure. The new compositefigure is org.jhotdraw.contrib.GraphicalCompositeFigure and can be configuredby a class implementing org.jhotdraw.contrib.FigureLayoutStrategy such asorg.jhotdraw.contrib.StandardFigureLayoutStrategy. New org.jhotdraw.util.StorageFormats that allow to add new file formats for storing and restoring drawings (e.g. using XML) Build configuration for Ant , which can be used to compile all standard JHotDraw classes, to packagethem into a jar file and to generate javadoc information. Some instruction how to compile and build JHotDraw can be found here . Some minor bug fixes Release Notes Version 5.1 Changes for this release: the delegation based event model is used to track figure changes.The FigureChangeListener interface supports to observe figure changes.A FigureChangeListener receives FigureChangeEvents.The old mechanism based on Observer/Observable and the notion of a containerwas eliminated. A figure now onlyhas listeners. There is a new support class FigureChangeEventMulticasterto manage the listeners. Using listeners is more consistent with the AWT/JFCevent handling style.CompositeFigure, Decorator, ConnectionFigure, and Drawingare now FigureChangeListeners. StandardDrawing is a CompositeFigure. It is possible to inserta StandardDrawing as a figure into a
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ReleaseNotes - Release Notes Version 5.2 Note: This version...

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