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Unformatted text preview: "9"" "90" UN" “'TV Sum)le (if JDLIrI‘L‘IIihn: 0 Ntws Li:i.'ran::‘,- N-,--r.'\ Li1L-r.l'_1-..||.| n'I-Tu'g. Irma-hm.- What is News .. nd Who Decides? = l, v I. your armor: mun nsmr School ul Journalism 0 Nuws Literati,- Hum LI1L-r.I-'.'r-|II|| Win-H's. Irnpu-I.|r|:' When asked, ‘Overall, do you thinkthe press in America has too much freedom to do what it wants, too little freedom to do what it wants, or is the amount of freedom the press has about right?’ Source: The First Amendment Center, “State ofthe First Amendment, 2007” Factors Th at Drive News -Universal News Drivers -Editorial Judgment -The Audience -Profits and Competition Editorial Judgment Giving an AudienceWhat It Needs s x v “ vs. GivingltWhat It Wants I III -'I .|I.:-url'|.:'r|i:-..r1! ° '- I'wa i'i'r.-1-"',' How Editors Make Decisions - What’s Interesting vs. What’s Important - Who is the Audience? my Give the Audience What it Wants ' x ' or What it Needs? -What is the Competition Doing? - News Presentation S:.:h-L:--:.I| r..Il ._|:.':-urI":-:'r|i:=.r1l " How"; Li' f-l-.-.-.--. LII-.-r.|-.-.- --.I1I|'~'.u'|'-'.-||.'.- rnp-.--I.|nl' Universal News Drivers - Importance - Proximity - Magnitude - Prominence - Unusualness - Timeliness - Conflict - Progress - Human Interest - Change Our News ‘Genes’ SL:lI-:;--:'.I| r..Il ._|=.':-urI'|.:'||i:E.r1= " Nuws Li'.1.'r.:'1-:.",' News is Information About a Subject of Some Public Interest That is Shared and Subject to the Journalistic Process of Verification .k 3T0" DRUM HIP-1'! RSI" Sclchl of J::lrr:'.||i5r11¢ hurl-TH LI':I:riI::5r I".I:'.-.'-. :_i1--r.n.\,- :mc: W'w|l".:I:I|:-I:-rt.-II: What Topicsthe PublicWants Covered ??% 30% 5?% 55% 55% 55% - 45% 36% .3?% 35% £1296 40% 32% _ 1?‘% 20% ‘ \sQ“ \ \- R -. Eandidata' Candidate Candidates' The Sources of Which " position on debates personal candidates candidates' candidate is issues backgrounds who are not campaign Iea ding in and front money the Eatest experiences runners poEIs - More Coverage Less Coverage- Sourre: Pew fiesearrh Center for People and the Press, September 23 — October I) 200.7 1‘ Hour DRUM L: Hall! RSI? ' Scluml of Jcrurrrllisrn I ham-:5 LI'.I:r.H:y my». '_|1r-r.|L-.- :I:I-:| 'r‘e"? II':. numrtmt Topics of Campaign Stories Percent of Stories 30% 53% 60% 40% Source: Penr Research Center for Peopre and the Press ...
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  • First Amendment to the United States Constitution, Nuws Li, mun nsmr School, -Universal News Drivers, Universal News Drivers

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