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Changes_in_genotype_of_a_population_is_called - Mutations...

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1. Changes in genotype of a population is called? Evolution 2. Sources of genetic variation? Mutations, independent assortment, chromosome abnormalities, sexual reproduction, crossing over 3. Individual’s who-evolution by natural selection? Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace 4. Islands that Darwin studied? Galapagos Islands 5. Organisms that Darwin studied? Darwin’s finches 6. Darwin’s Premises? Char are inherited, pop make more offspring than needed, some members of pop has traits that enable them to survive better, traits may be inherited 7. Changes in geno pool of pop by chance is? Genetic drift 8. Colonization of island is type of genetic drift called? Founder’s effect 9. Pop that comes from small geno pool is? Bottleneck effect 10. Northern elephant seals is example of genotype drift called? Bottleneck effect 11. Other types of microevolution include?
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Unformatted text preview: Mutations, assertive mating, geno flow, and natural selection 12.Type of microevolution where environment plays role is? Natural selection 13. Example of stabilizing natural selection is? Human birth weight 14. Example of directional natural selection is? Moths in England 15. Example of disruptive natural selection is? Black-bellied seed breaker 16. Type of natural selection that favors both extreme phenotypes is? Disruptive 17. When members of pop become reproductively isolated? Divergence 18. Pop with common gene pool & makes fertile offspring is? Species 19. The reproductively isolating mechanisms? Physical, time, behavioral, incompatibility of gametes, infertile offspring 20.Speciation occurs due to physical barrier is? allopatric...
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Changes_in_genotype_of_a_population_is_called - Mutations...

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