hist exam - In the last half of the eighteenth century,...

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In the last half of the eighteenth century, thirteen Colonies of North America overthrew the governance of the British Empire and then rejected the British monarchy to become the sovereign United States of American. This is known as the American Revolution. In the eighteenth century, people believed that colony like America are also a part of British. The British Government has the right to manage and control, to deny and challenge the sovereignty of the home country, that is, rebellion and the rebel. Therefore Americans cannot control their country by themselves. Americans thought that the colonial people, are born with the inalienable rights of many, such as life, liberty and property rights and so on, it is their job as the natural person has rights, so they fight for their rights. After the Declaration of Independence made it clear that Americans were determined to rule themselves. This document was the final step in an evolutionary process during which many colonists gradually stopped seeing themselves as British subjects and began to embrace the concept of self-rule.But when Britain first attempted to extract revenue from the colonies through a series of taxes, the colonists were rightly upset. As tensions increased, the seeds of a nationalistic spirit began to sprout.There were two factions in the American Revolution fighting for their rights, one is Patriots the other one is Loyalists. Patriot refers to a person in the colonies who sided with the American Revolution. They included
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hist exam - In the last half of the eighteenth century,...

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