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Sheet1 Page 1 The Geography of the Treaty of Paris (1763) Due in class on Tue 2/24 (TTH classes) or Wed 2/25 (Wed class) Complete the exercice on paper, then turn in your map in class! The Seven Years' War was a world war (although historians don't use that label for it). Completing the following excercise will make clear the geographical range of the conflict, by identifying on the map of the wor l d All the places (or regions, rivers, territories, etc) you are asked to identify here are mentioned in the Treaty of Paris (1763). 1) The Signator Nations Color in (solid color) the four countries that signed the Treaty of Paris (1763), using the colors given below. Only color the motherlands in Europe, NOT their respective colonial possessions, overseas! Blue France Pink Great Britain Green Portugal Yellow Spain (4 points per correct identification) 2) The Colonies in North America Identify the large territories in North America that were dealt with in the Treaty of Paris (1763) Use stripes, not solid color, in the folowing colors:
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Unformatted text preview: Outline in pink, fill with pink stripes - Original British North-America (before 1763) Outline in blue, fill with alternating pink and blue stripes - Territory gained by Britain from France in the Treaty of Paris (1763) (4 points per correct identification) 3) All over the Place For a PLACE, draw a black dot in its location and label it with the name of the place for a REGION, fill its territory with black stripes and place a label with the name of the region next to its territory for a RIVER, draw a black line representing its course, and label it with its name alongside that line.- St. Pierre and Macquelon- Coromandel and Orixa (also "Orissa")- Bengal- Sumatra- The Decan (also "Deccan")- Hesse- Senegal River- St. Lawrence River- Hannover (4 points per correct identification) Sheet1 Page 2 4) Extra Credit (4 points) Mark the location of the city of Paris, where this treaty was negotiated, with a black dot, and label it b"Paris."...
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hist Q4 - Outline in pink, fill with pink stripes -...

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