march 23 - Historical Expansion of suffrage 1. Elimination...

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March 23 Political Preference Indicator Right wing: Reactionary (want to turn the clock back??) Conservative Left wing: Liberal (everything has problem) Radical Political Socialization 1. Family (most important) 60% adult have same political as their parents, high school only 9%, 9/10 married couples have the same. Race/Ethnicity Religion Genders Schooling (The more education u have the more liberal u will be) Age (the older u r the more conserve u r) Media Social Class () Region Chinese Japanese Korea as same as whites’ vote Political Participation 1. Registering in the vote (the most common) 2. Voting 3. Joined in a interesting group 4. 5. Camping contribution 6. Demonstration
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Unformatted text preview: Historical Expansion of suffrage 1. Elimination of Religions Req. President: Grant 2. Elimination of Property Req. (Universal white male suffrage: white male can vote.) President: Harding 3. 15 th Am. 1876 Africa American males can vote 4. 19 th Am. 1920 Women got vote 5. 23th Am. 1963 give Washington Dc get to vote 6. 24 th Am. 1964 poor 7. Voting Rights Act of 1965 never passed in the USA (renew every 5 years) 8. 26 th Am. 1971 (20 years old got rights) President: Nixon Disenfranchisement 1. Literacy test 2. Poll tax 3. White Primary Re-enfranchise poor, illiterate southern whites (Grandfather Clause)...
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march 23 - Historical Expansion of suffrage 1. Elimination...

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