march 30 - 2. Policy Voters (12%) doesnt take a line....

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Voting Qualifications in Calif. 1. Citizens, and immigrates 2. 18 years old but (14, 15 years=a quarter of a vote, 16, 17= half) 3. Prisoners cannot (not sure) 4. Be a resident of CA, be 13 days of CA resident. What has caused a reduction in voter turnout in the last 100+ years? 1840 78%, 1880s-1890s 78%, 1996 49% 1. sb. Think their vote doesn’t matter 2. Young, male, poor, Latinos bad voter 3. Older white female gd voter 4. Political Efficacy 1. Become younger, more and more Latinos #2 Impact of the made on the political process 1. 2. 3. 4. Selective Perception Band #3 why do people vote the way they do? (Not pol. Socialization) 1. Party Affiliation-------why do Repub do so well when there are more Demas? (R turned vote more consistently than the D; R are better educated; self describe; R are more L)
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Policy Voters (12%) doesnt take a line. Voting on wut is going to take in the future. 3. Relvospectwe Voters (66%) a.) Group-benefit voter (42%) Sb. Voting for wut the party did before. b.) Nature of the times voter (24%) 4. No-Issue-Content Voter (22%) didnt decide wut going on before or future, they vote for personality. Do elections matter? 1. Yes, If there is a big difference in positions on issues by candidates 2. Y, on the losing party 3. Y, traditional democratic theorist 4. Y, Pluralists 5. No, elite and class theorist 6. No, Hyper pluralist The 1 st Che. Can find wht different party thought...
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march 30 - 2. Policy Voters (12%) doesnt take a line....

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