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chapter 6 exam outline - Chapter 6 Exam Outline The Chapter...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 6 Exam Outline The Chapter 6 Exam outline will take place on Wednesday March 5. Scientific Calculators only. To keep the length of the exam manageable, some problems will not require the integrals involved to be evaluated. However, unless noted, you must be sure to do the problem in such a way that these could be computed if there was suitable time. Note that on many problems however, where the integrals are to be evaluated, virtually any integration technique from chapter 5 is fair game. Area Calculation 20 points A region bounded by one or more curves and possibly also horizontal or vertical lines will be specified and you will be asked to produce an appropriate integral and compute its area. In some cases more than one integral (i.e. breaking the region into appropriate pieces) and/or a sketch of the region may be required. Volumes 20 points A region will be specified in the same sort of way as the previous problem. You will then be asked to compute the volume of the solid produced when this region is rotated around the...
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